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Gravel Products & Types

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Gravel Equipment and Products

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Recycled Gravel Types

Crushed Concrete -
Made from used concrete products.  Crushed Concrete is less attractive than other gravels.  May contain metal in the gravel like re-rod.  Packs very hard.  Perfect for a base and then covered with a layer of natural gravel.

Crushed Asphalt - Made from old asphalt roads.  Is a great finish gravel for driveways.  Packs very hard, has a professional black look.  When rolled with a heavy vibrating roller it acts as a paved surface.  Also when heated by the sun the asphalt cement activates and binds the particles together making a dust free gravel driveway.  Also will not erode from heavy rains.

Natural & Other Gravel Types

Limestone -
A bright white gravel, very clean looking gravel.  Packs hard but can be a little dusty.  When wet can leave a milky film on your shoes.

Dolomite - A bright white with a blue/gray tint colored gravel, very clean looking gravel.  Packs hard but can be a little dusty.  A harder form of Limestone.

Slag - A gray colored gravel which is a by product of the steel industry.  Is the best gravel for drainage.  Is porous like lava rock.

Road Gravel - A mix of natural multi-colored stone usually containing a high clay content.  Brown/Clay color.  What is used on most country roads and road shoulders.  When wet becomes very muddy and slippery.  When dry can be dusty.  A very affordable gravel, good for farm lanes and low traffic.
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